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Comprehensive 24×7 Management

PDS Managed Data Center is designed to provide you with a comprehensive suite of 24×7 monitoring, maintenance and environment services for your IT infrastructure. Let us help boost performance and reliability of your enterprise or small business environment by proactively monitoring your server hardware, SQL Databases, storage and Windows OS. Use PDS Managed Data Center, expertise, advanced tools and solid methodology to maintain the continuity of your business!

More than ever before, companies are seeking flexible and scalable solutions to meet their evolving IT Infrastructure needs. With PDS as your trusted advisor, Managed Data Center can provide benefits in capital, capacity, and expertise. Allow us to manage your IT Infrastructure top to bottom.

Need a hand growing and managing your IT? We got this.

PDS Managed Data Center offers expansion capabilities for data centers that can no longer do so within their own facilities. This can be due to a lack of lack of capital, lack of experienced IT staff and other. PDS understands that the integrity of your IT infrastructure is integral to your organization’s success. Without a powerful and secure data center infrastructure, or a reliable and safe network, your business can’t achieve its goals. The processes and controls we have in place allow for 24×7 monitoring and immediate response to changes in the computing environment. The challenge is for us ask the right questions, understand your needs, and ensure that we are meeting your requirements successfully. PDS is up to this challenge!

Cost-Effective IT

Depending on your IT Infrastructure, opting for a Managed Data Center can be considerably more cost effective, easier and faster than attempting a data center build. Especially when dealing with facilities in multiple locations.

Our Approach

Managed Data Center – Storage

Managed Data Center Storage helps you achieve optimum performance and reliability of storage devices. Proactive monitoring of NAS and SAN storage arrays enables corrections or changes to be made before they affect business productivity.

Managed Data Center – Compute

Managed Data Center Compute provides monitoring and management of key hardware, applications, business services and infrastructures across dynamic, heterogeneous physical and virtual data centers. Our monitoring and management solution integrates with enterprise compute platforms to manage the physical and logical infrastructure for all unified computing hardware and software elements,

Managed Data Center – Hardware

The PDS team of technologists can lead your initiative with vision, principles, standards and a road map to help guide the prioritization, operations and management of technologies supporting your organization.

Managed Data Center – Database

Automation is at the core of what PDS believes is essential for any organization to survive the next ten years If your organization hasn’t begun to leverage and automate the data center, know that your competition is.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive suite of 24×7 network monitoring, maintenance & administration services
  • Alert Validation and Escalation
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Based Initial Remediation
  • Troubleshooting and Full Remediation
  • Hardware Vendor Coordination
  • Configuration backup & historical view of changes to the network
  • 360 visibility & reporting with a comprehensive view of infrastructure performance & availability
  • On-demand or scheduled reports & executive dashboards

We Will

  • Own Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of critical issues
  • Complete Service Requests (SRs) & Move, Add, & Changes (MACs) including firmware upgrades & configuration changes
  • Quickly determine source of problems & resolve via remote management
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Reduce costly network downtime
  • Automate time-consuming processes to free up internal resources.
  • Fool-proof network devices that could impact performance & profits
  • Follow ITIL-Based Change Control
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