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NOTICE : PDS is being proactive in our response to the COVID-19 situation. For information on what we’re doing, industry resources, and ways we can help visit our COVID-19 Resource Center

Contact Tracing creates better information and safer communities.

As we begin the process of reengaging personally and professionally with others, it will be essential for us to effectively document, track, and respond to cases of COVID-19 to help control the transmission of the virus.

“Contact Tracing” is a process that has been established by the medical community to manage and mitigate the risk of exposure and spread of harmful viruses. It is a little like detective work. Trained staff interview people who have been diagnosed with a contagious disease to document who they may have recently been in contact with. This is followed by a process of notifications and follow up to promote appropriate safety measures to help mitigate the spread.

Why is contact tracing important?

People in close contact with someone who is infected with a virus, are at higher risk of becoming infected themselves, and of potentially further infecting others. Identification of, and follow up with, these contacts after exposure to an infected person will help them get care and treatment and will prevent further transmission of the virus. This can be broken down into 3 basic steps according to the guidelines from the World Health Organization:

PDS Telehealth Support Team

Contact identification: Once someone is confirmed as infected with a virus, contacts are identified by asking about the person’s activities and the activities and roles of the people around them since onset of illness. Contacts can be anyone who has been in contact with an infected person: family members, work colleagues, friends, or health care providers.

Contact listing/notification: All persons considered to have contact with the infected person should be listed as contacts. Efforts should be made to identify every listed contact and to inform them of their contact status, what it means, the actions that will follow, and the importance of receiving early care if they develop symptoms. Contacts should also be provided with information about prevention of the disease. In some cases, quarantine or isolation is required for high risk contacts, either at home, or in a hospital.

Contact follow-up: Regular follow-up should be conducted with all contacts to monitor for symptoms and test for signs of infection.

Want to talk to the Contact Tracing Support experts at PDS? Contact us now to start a conversation about Contact Tracing for your organization.

Why PDS?

Contact tracing is essential to control the spread of viruses like COVID-19 but healthcare organizations often lack the teams, tools, and time to manage an effective contact tracing operation. PDS can help.

Agile and Scalable

There are two core elements to an effective Contact Tracing operation: Case Management and Proximity Tracking.  PDS Contact Tracing Support assists our clients by providing the people and process for the initial collection of relevant case information, and then documenting the information as part of a Public Health Assessment (PHA). This function can be done around the clock using a variety of channels to streamline the collection and simplify the process of sharing this important and timely information with a healthcare provider.


PDS follows standardized processes based upon industry best practices. These best practices are informed by internationally accepted organizations such as the Help Desk Institute (HDI) and aligned with operational frameworks such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), HIPAA and other regulatory compliance policies.

Ready to Serve

It is estimated that in the United States alone, there will need to be at least 100,000 and could be as high as 300,000 workers trained in contact tracing. Today there are only 30,000 workers who are trained. As simple as it may seem to perform this function, the significant demand that these interactions will place on organizations that are already dealing with strained resources could be overwhelming. PDS is ready to assist with our team of skilled state-side 24×7 support analysts based in Madison, WI.

Privilege of Focus

You need to have the “privilege of focus” to adapt your core business models to meet the challenges of our new reality. With the PDS Support services you can rest assured that we are representing your organization in the manner you desire to handle conversations with a level of compassion, professionalism and detail that will enable you to focus on your core business.

Our Capabilities

  • 15+ years of service desk experience
  • 120 staff strong
  • 24×7 operation
  • Multilingual
  • HIPAA compliant
  • ITIL compliant service desk
  • State-of-the-art-infrastructure
  • Out-bound calling & messaging capabilities
  • In-bound calling & messaging capabilities
  • State-of-the-art tools to collect, organize, and curate data
  • Secure access to data by authorized and credentialed personnel

Join the team.

PDS is rapidly expanding our team to continue to meet the rising support demand in healthcare. We’re looking for skilled analyst that can join our Contact Tracing response team. Click here to learn more about joining our team.

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Contact Tracing Support Response Team

Need help augmenting an existing Contact Tracing team? PDS can help you find the right resources with our talent solutions team.

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