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Managed Services to ensure you are always connected.

The Challenge

Your organization now depends on information systems like your servers, storage, networking, cloud services, and applications for all core business operations. All these systems require routine management, maintenance, and monitoring to ensure that they’re fully functional, and secure. Routine management can be a constant burden for IT teams, and can be a constant distraction from mission critical tasks.

PDS can help.

PDS has designed a way to maximize automation and minimize business interruptions. With comprehensive package of IT Managed Services with proactive monitoring, management, and maintenance of all your critical IT systems, you can rest assured that the systems will be fine-tuned and running smoothly. PDS Business ENSURE is a full-service, 360 degree managed service offering that lets the experts at PDS take the burden of all routine management of your IT systems and allows you to get back to strategic goals.

Why PDS?

For more than 30 years PDS has been helping organizations evolve IT – from ideation to transformation.

IT Managed Services Experts

Free yourself to make the right decisions for your organization. While you’re planning, building and leading, we’ll make sure the tools you’re using are present, accounted for and in perfect working order. PDS manages your environment from top to bottom offering a flexible and scalable solution to meet your organization’s evolving IT Infrastructure needs.

PDS Business ENSURE Managed Services Include:

Operations: Keep your Business Running 


8×5 Expert to Expert Support 


24x7x365 Monitoring and Response 


Device Monitor | Triage | Response 


Vendor Engagement 


Recurring Patching 


Issue Remediation 


Minor Changes 


Device and OS Administration 


Out-of-Band emergency patching for 0-days 


Network Configuration Backup 


Server and Workstation Backup Management 


Server and Workstation Backup Solution 


24x7x365 End User Help Desk 


Major Changes 


Security: Keep Your Business Protected  TSP 
Credential Leak Monitoring 


Network Configuration Change Monitoring 


Advanced NextGen AI powered AV for Server and Workstation 


End User Security Training 


Mobile Device Management 


Ransomware Response Planning 


Cloud Services: Keep Your Business Productive 


Microsoft 365 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Management 


Microsoft 365 Base Licensing 


InTune MDM Management 


Microsoft 365 Spam and Security Solution 


Microsoft 365 Backup (10GB per user) 


Microsoft 365 Online Training 


Microsoft 365 Protect (Advanced monitoring, alerting, and management) 


Advantage: Enabling the Privilege of Focus 


Access to PDS Experts for Consultation and Project Planning 


Asset Inventory 


Dynamic Documentation Access 


Reporting Portal 


Regular cadence for operation reviews and recommendations  


Onboarding Workshop to Create Custom Service Desk Procedures 


Dedicated Support Paths (Contact Center Reporting) 


Yearly Deep Environmental Assessments and Recommendations (vCIO) 


Unlimited Servers 


Unlimited Networking Devices 


Unlimited End User Devices 


Unlimited Support 


Subscription Unit  Per User 

PDS 24x7 Service Desk

Augment your managed services with 24×7 help desk support. PDS creates a scalable support model for organizations of all sizes, with an approach that seamlessly and transparently provides quick and easy access to knowledgeable analysts. Our Midwest based, highly skilled team provides a superior experience while allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • 24x7x365 Service Desk
  • Operates as your Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Provides a path to Expert to Expert support channel

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