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We're thrilled to announce that Works Computing is merging with Paragon Development Systems (PDS)

This merger is an exciting new step for both companies and presents a tremendous opportunity for us to combine our reputations, resources, and expertise to create an even stronger company. A key driver for leadership from both companies in pursuing and ultimately deciding to merge our organizations was the opportunity to combine our respective functional expertise and long-standing reputations to better support our customers. Our core belief as a business is to always do the right thing for our customers. We believe this merger supports that principle and makes us an even stronger organization with enhanced expertise and a broader portfolio of products and services. As such we are now even better positioned to meet your Information Technology needs as you march forward with transforming and growing your business.

Our relationship with you is extremely important to us, and we remain committed to providing you the highest quality products and services, which has been the hallmark for both PDS and Works Computing.

Message from PDS President & CEO, Asif Naseem

I have great news to share with you regarding Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS), its ongoing growth, and how we are now even better positioned to meet organizations’ strategic Information Technology needs.


Our customers and partners should see very little change to their services or contacts during this transition, but in case there are any questions here are some additional resources with helpful details.

Why did this merger take place?

Both PDS and Works Computing maintain a shared belief that it is imperative to understand both what our customers need and why they need it. United under that core principle, it became clear to leadership at both PDS and Works Computing that combining our resources puts us in a better position to provide even stronger solutions to assist existing and future customers achieve their objectives related to IT Strategy. Our companies share similar business models and have product and service offerings that are very complementary.

It’s important to understand that as our customers continually need to innovate, we must lead them to creative and competitive solutions. Changes we undertake as a company will make us an even stronger solution provider to help our customers achieve their goals.

Who is going to be President & CEO?

Dr. Asif Naseem will lead the charge as President and CEO of the merged company. Mitch Brown will stay with the company during the transition phase but has decided to pursue other endeavors towards the end of 2018. Mitch Prust, Chief Operating Officer of Works Computing, will join the PDS executive team and will oversee the merged company’s Digital Infrastructure program, as Vice President, Data Center Products & Services.

Is there going to be a new name/brand for the company?

Both companies have amazing legacies, and have created incredible brands that are recognized, trusted, and respected by their customers and the IT community that they serve. We want to respect the value and standing of both brands in the public and our customers’ eyes but we will work immediately toward unifying under one brand.

How will I get in touch with you? Will website, email addresses and phone numbers change?

At this point there are no changes. You should communicate with Works or PDS employees as you do today. As part of the operational review process, these types of details will be considered. Any changes that are made will be communicated well in advance of implementation in order to ensure a smooth transition and continued delivery of quality service to our customers.

Will you be hiring additional employees, or opening new offices?

One of the driving factors behind this merger is an expectation that the combined company will present significant opportunities for growth, which could drive the need for additional employees and new locations.

What are annual revenues for PDS, Works Computing?

As both companies are privately held, we do not disclose financial information.

Are there going to be new product or service offerings?

This merger allows us to offer an expanded portfolio of products and services for both companies! Not only can Works now offer End User products and services but also unique PDS solutions like Service Desk, Managed Services, Staffing and Identity & Access Management security.

PDS customers will benefit greatly from enhanced data center depth and expertise, geographic coverage, and deeper relationships with our Manufacturing Partners. Additionally, PDS is committed to developing its own software intellectual property that will naturally augment technology products and services we already provide.

Our intellectual property will grow our current portfolio of products and services and offer enhanced domain specific solutions in the markets we serve. We expect to have exciting announcements to make on this front in the near future. The bottom line is that we will always do the right thing for our customers. The best way to support that core principle is to become a stronger solutions provider. This merger, along with new offerings, helps us achieve that objective.

Will company contacts for customers remain the same?

There will be no changes in client contacts at the respective companies. Your sales rep will remain your primary point of contact.

Will this change any existing product/service guarantees or warranties?

No changes will be made.

Will the merged company’s focus shift? Will I still receive the attention and service I’ve come to expect?

Commitment to providing the highest quality products and services has been a hallmark for both PDS and Works Computing. That will not change.

This merger is about strengthening our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ current needs while anticipating their future needs. In addition to maintaining our current service levels, we are committed to enhancing our portfolio of products and services in order to provide even higher levels of service to help clients meet their goals.

What is Works Computing’s legal status now?

The legal status of Works Computing LLC changes only in one regard. Instead of being an independently-owned company, it is now owned by PDS (as a wholly-subsidiary). All other legal commitments and obligations of Works Computing remain unchanged. For instance, Works Computing’s agreements with customers remain in full force and effect, and Works Computing’s obligations to comply with laws and regulations, including all Affirmative Action requirements, continue without change.

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