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A Mobile-First Approach Coupled with Connected IT for Healthcare

Unprecedented access to information anytime and anywhere is fueling the demand for personalized service delivery in every sector, including healthcare. At the same time, escalating costs are driving a keen focus on a lean model of managed care intended to boost the bottom line. Treatment centers worldwide are embracing mobility to streamline clinician workflows and improve patient experience. At the same time, healthcare organization leaders must comply with stringent patient privacy and cybersecurity regulations.

More than 7 million patient records have been exposed
since 2010 due to hacking or unauthorized access.

Today, nearly all hospitals deploy some form of electronic health records (EHR). In addition, more and more digital devices are swarming the healthcare cyberspace. Most physicians rely on multiple mobile tools to facilitate point-of-care decision-making, and an increasing number of biomedical devices now connect to healthcare system wired and wireless networks. Hospitals are confronted with simultaneously supporting legacy infrastructures alongside modern technology and devices. This dynamic environment requires a mobile-first approach, from the hospital on-premise data center all the way out to every mobile device on the network. A mobile-first approach allows authorized access to the network and its resources based on established user security profiles. Digital strategies that support robust interactivity, both at healthcare facilities and offsite, are a critical component of providing quality care and improving patient engagement and satisfaction.

PDS + Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company = Secure, Agile, and Aligned IT

PDS, an Aruba Platinum Partner, helps healthcare organizations reduce risk and total cost of ownership through Connected IT. Forging connections between people, processes, and technologies, PDS delivers agile, secure, and scalable solutions and services precisely aligned with health provider strategic objectives and desired results. Harnessing technology to improve quality and reduce the cost of healthcare boosts the bottom line and gives PDS clients a distinct competitive advantage. PDS frees practitioners and administrators from the burdens of integrating complex technologies, liberating them to focus on their essential mission – delivering patient care and improving healthcare outcomes.

PDS Health IT Solutions

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Consistently committed to a customer-centric approach since the company’s founding 30 years ago, PDS is known as a high-touch, value-add strategic IT partner that shares client goals and risks throughout the relationship lifecycle. PDS enables clients to increase productivity, decrease cost, improve performance, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

To learn more about how PDS can help your health system achieve Connected IT, please contact us at or 800-966-6090.

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