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MIT Commemorates Partnership with PDS and Looks to Future Collaboration

At a recent event in Madrid, 120 members of the region’s biomedical technology innovation community, including public leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and clinicians gathered to celebrate five years of the Madrid-MIT M+Visión Consortium.

Our partners at MIT took the opportunity to recognize PDS’s on-going support of biomedical technology innovation and our contributions to the Catalyst and IDEA² Global programs. MIT, with PDS’s support, is able to use these programs to identify and develop new technologies for unmet medical needs.

“PDS has been and will remain a valuable partner in our effort to transform the way healthcare technology is developed,” said Dr. Martha Gray, Director of the M+Visión Consortium. “We look forward to our continued collaboration, which will not only help to launch important new technologies but more importantly, will continue to inspire change in the way innovators think and work to improve their healthcare impact.”

We are grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to such important work and to collaborate with a prestigious institution such as MIT. We look forward to a continued relationship, and the impact this partnership will have on the healthcare industry.

Pictured Above, left to right:

Dr. Martha Gray, Director of M+Visión, MIT; Dr. Asif Naseem, PDS; Antonio López, Executive Director of M+Visión Foundation; Dr. Julio Mayol, Chief Medical Officer of Hospital Clínico San Carlos

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