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Mitch Prust

Vice President, Data Center Products & Services

Vice President

Data Center Products & Services

What do you get when you mix Speed Racer, a never-give-up mentality and 20+ years of IT expertise? A versatile techno wizard named Mitch Prust.

Advanced technology and innovation come naturally to Mitch. In the past two decades, he has crafted numerous technology, product, and marketing strategies for IT and communications organizations around the country. During that time, he has also built an impressive intellectual property portfolio that includes several “Cloud Computing” related patents.

Mitch has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering with a Major in information assurance (Computer Security) from Iowa State and a bachelor’s degree in IT management from Concordia University. Mitch serves on the board of directors for Defending the Blue Line / United Heroes League – a non profit organization created by soldiers with the spirit of keeping hockey alive for the children of our nations military. In his spare time, Mitch enjoys researching technology, adventure, hockey and spending time with his wife and their dogs.