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Transition the focus of IT to the business, discover PDS Managed Services. Technology is now the key to understanding and improving those outcomes but managing and supporting your information systems can be complex and distract from your leadership responsibilities. You need the freedom to focus on student, patient, and business outcomes, and the strategic direction of your organization.

Managed Service Offerings

PDS offers support and managed services that liberate you from IT so you can be free to lead and free to focus on the strategic direction for your organization.


PDS Managed Data Protection is a simple, affordable alternative to existing dedicated, stand-alone, disk or tape-based backup solutions. Free yourself to concentrate on your day-to-day operations.


Let us help maintain reliability of your enterprise or small business environment by proactively monitoring your server hardware, storage and Windows OS.

Network ENSURE

PDS offers support and managed services that liberate you from IT so you can be free to lead and free to focus on the strategic direction for your organization.

Productivity ENSURE

Your business relies on the strength of your people; they are your most important asset. When technology gets in the way of having employees perform at their peak levels, your business suffers. From workstations, to critical applications, to cloud software, ensuring the productivity of your workforce is essential to the success of your organization.

Microsoft 365 ENSURE

Provides you with a comprehensive suite of 24×7 administration, monitoring, alert, and backup services that ensure that your Microsoft 365 resources will remain up and running for end users, and that your information and systems are safe.

Business ENSURE

PDS has designed a way to maximize our client’s profitability by minimizing business interruptions. Through comprehensive and proactive monitoring and management, you can rest assured that the systems critical to your daily operations will be fine-tuned and running smoothly.

Infrastructure LIFELINE

As more and more of your business depends on technology, the more imperative it is that it’s always on, and the greater the impact it has when it’s down. When a production-halting outage cause business interruptions you need someone to call for help. PDS Infrastructure LifeLine services provide you with immediate, 24×7 access to available resources using ITIL-based incident management and world class troubleshooting by accredited miracle-workers.

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Managed Remote Infrastructure

A new level of demand has appeared overnight placing additional strain on your existing remote access infrastructure. Ensuring they’re always on and fully functional has never been more essential to the health of your business and the effectiveness of your growing remote workforce.

Currently monitoring all of the various IT elements that make remote access possible for your work from home colleagues. Having trouble keeping up with demand? Do you have the resources and technologies to keep up?

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Managed IT Service Levels

PDS offers flexibility in our managed service offerings that allow us to help you build a service plan that’s right for your organization. From basic monitoring to comprehensive managment we can help you manage your IT assets and keep business running.

Industry Recognition

PDS NextLevel Services are established and we’re recognized as one of the industry’s top IT solutions providers. But don’t just take our word for it.

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