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Intel AMT Critical Firmware Vulnerability

On May 1st, Intel published a critical security advisory for certain systems that utilize Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), Intel Standard Manageability (ISM), and Intel Small Business Technology (SBT). The vulnerability could allow an attacker to remotely gain access to business devices that are utilizing these technologies. Consumer PCs and data center servers are not affected. Although the scope of this vulnerability is limited, the impact could be large if this technology is used within your organization. Please see the resources, FAQ, and fix from Intel if you utilize any of the Intel management technologies.

You’re Not Alone – PDS is here to help

From planning and executing Operating Systems upgrades, to ongoing support of these environments; PDS has the expertise to help mitigate vulnerability risks in your environment. PDS can also help design and deploy effective patching solutions within your organization. Let PDS help deliver additional security defenses such as firewall technologies or network segmentation to help reduce the impact of these vulnerabilities.

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