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NOTICE : PDS is being proactive in our response to the COVID-19 situation. For information on what we’re doing, industry resources, and ways we can help visit our COVID-19 Resource Center

How Can We Help?

PDS is uniquely positioned to support our customers now! We’ve expanded our capabilities to provide continuous services and even added services. We are a 24×7 operation that provides you, your customers, and end-users a support life-line.

Work from Home Initiatives

Supply Chain Management

On a daily basis, PDS is in contact with all top-tier Manufacturer Partners and the largest Distributors to evaluate inventory options to ensure your highest priorities are moving forward. Prioritization based on COVID-19 related, community needs.

COVID-19 Industry Offering Jumpstarts

  • Healthcare :  Technology integration for expanded or temporary COVID-19 testing sites.
  • Education :  Technology enablement for virtual learning.

PDS has been around for more than 30 years

We have endured other challenging times in our history. We have not survived this long by taking a passive approach in our response to adversity.

During these unprecedented and challenging times, it is important to know that our top commitment at PDS is to the well-being and safety of our employees, customers, and partners. PDS has taken extreme precautions to minimize the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. Our policies not only follow CDC guidelines but also ensure that business continuity is in place to give you 100% confidence that – as always – PDS is here to support you when you need us. It is because of these efforts we are in a strong position to continue to offer support for our customers and communities.

Here’s what we’re doing:

PDS Helping Healthcare with COVID-19 Testing Operations

PDS recently assisted a large Healthcare Service Provider in Minnesota establish a COVID-19 testing operation. So far we have helped establish drive-through testing facilities at 4 clinics. The plan allows patients to call ahead to set up an appointment, and upon the scheduled time pull their vehicle into a secure tent area. At this point two members of the staff provide check-in and testing and then allow the patient to exit. Our contribution has been to provide the network connectivity, computer devices, medical displays, and mobile healthcare carts. We procured, configured, and setup the equipment on behalf of the provider, and are providing ongoing support for the devices. All in the spirit of conducting our social responsibility.

CARES Act | Education Stabilization Fund

It was announced that there will be a special provision in the CARES Act to help all education institutions effected by the COVID-19 crisis.

PDS wants to help you stay in front of the the request process for these benefits, and we have already been working directly with States and Educators on this effort. There are details yet to be solidified within this program, but there are critical steps you can take today to start planning and to ensure you’re prepared to take advantage of this funding.

Learn More

Finding a Path Forward… Financing Options for Today’s Environment

HPE has released $2 Billion to fund new programs to assist customers during these unprecedented times. PDS and HPE would like to ensure our customers are not only aware but also able to take advantage of financial options available to them. Listen to hear how customers are dealing with today’s unique and uncertain climate, yet still able to move technology projects forward to ensure business success. PDS and HPE will present examples of creative and flexible programs that can reduce expenses, align payments to fit your schedules, and even generate cash from current assets.


Tech Trends

These are some of the trends we’re seeing in response to COVID-19.

Partner Promotions for COVID-19

Many of our partners have limited time offerings to help support companies and IT departments in these unprecedented time. We have compiled some of the top of resources here for you to access. We will continue to work with our partners to ensure we keep you aware of any updates on offerings and services as they become available.

Access the List of Partner Offers


COVID-19 Response

PDS has a strong balance sheet and incredible people to continue to be your Partner now and in the future.

Midwest Configuration Center & Product Delivery

We’re taking every precaution now to ensure the safety of our team and to prevent the spread of this virus. We are here to ensure you have the technology you need to carry on.


We have implemented strict safety measures for our product delivery team like staggered work shifts, increased working distances, and extensive disinfecting and cleaning protocols to ensure safe and timely delivery.


We are organizing redundant warehousing and configuration capabilities in the event any of our locations have to quarantine due to positive results of COVID-19 testing.

Help Desk Support

With the dramatic increase of users, students, and patient connecting virtually, the need for remote support has never been greater. PDS has decades of experience providing 24×7 Patient and User Help Desk Support. Our analyst teams are equipped for remote work, and all of our support operations are 100% functioning.

Working Separately but Together

Like most now, we have mandated work for home and/or alternate locations for all of our other teams. PDS was equipped with the tools to support a modern agile workforce so this has happened with almost zero impact to productivity.


We Are One

Our guiding principle has always been to do the right thing for our customers.

We have always been there for our clients with products and services, but now it’s a time for us to help one another in all ways. Our team is eager and rising to our social responsibility to offer any assistance you require as you address this evolving challenge for your employees and your business – we are here for you now more than ever to assist you in any way we can.

Partner Resources

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